We have to desgin a system of 5 Toolkits, where the protagonist in each case is 
a shield that represents the essence of each category. Hope you like it!

Directed by: Zublime
Art Director: Mariano Pagella
Animation Director: Milton Gonzalez
2D & 3D Design: Mariano Pagella
2D & 3D Animation: Milton Gonzalez
3D Rendering & Lighting: Milton Gonzalez
3D Modeling: Milton Gonzalez, Mariano Pagella
Concept Art: Mariano Pagella, Jorge Cuellar
Storyboard: Jorge Cuellar
Sketches: Mariano Pagella, Jorge Cuellar
Compositing & Postproduction: Milton Gonzalez
Montage & Edition: Milton Gonzalez
Sound Design: Emiliano Pelizzari
Reel Music: "Higher Ground" - Red Hot Chili Peppers. (Not for commercial use)
Breackdown Music: "Cubicle" - Rinocerose. (Not for commercial use).
Year: 2014

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